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Jdesign has been building school websites for over 9 years to date, and have evolved from looking after a few schools to looking after over 17 schools today with their Web Design and Development. Every site is Mobile and IPAD friendly and comes with an easy Content Management System for ease of change (CMS).

It is our Custom Designs that all our schools love from us. The fact that it is customer design to fit their needs and not templated. Our Designers build a custom design for every different school we deal with, there are no two school designs the same unless it has been asked for and approved by each of the schools concerned.

Our designers work along side every school to make the journey and easy one along the way. Nothing is to hard for our designers as long as we all have good communication between each of us. It all starts with the initial site map for the school website, this has to be established first and foremost.

Once the site map is established, it is up to the school to provide the text and photographs, whilst we start on the concepts based on the meetings and conversations we have had prior to the start of the build, with the parties concerned.

Once our design concept has been approved by the school we then put this across all the pages and design every page for approval. Once the whole site has been approved it is then that it goes onto our Web Developer to develop the site and to start turning it into a website. 

The site is developed on our staging site and at different intervals we will get our schools to visit our staging site link to see the build happening in real time. Remember, you need to wait until the whole build is completed as if you make changes in this time, whilst it is being developed it will incur further costs for the changes, as it was approved prior to being developed, that is why it is very important to make sure you are happy with the design concepts prior to the site being developed.

Once it is finalised on the staging site we will thennget you to approve it and load it live. From there we will organise a time to get together and train you on the Content Management System, so you can update the site yourselves. We are more than happy to assist you at any stage with updates if you don’t have the staff to do it.

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A little bit about us...

At Jdesign, we know branding and understand the impact it has on your business. Having the right graphics is everything when it comes to brand recognition. That’s why we offer design solutions that focus on graphic communications – because we know that your ultimate goal is simple: attract more customers and generate more sales.

We can help you develop what you already have and use it to better market your business to your clients. Good design may draw attention, but exceptional work makes a real impact and creates a lasting impression. We keep these two essential goals in mind as we provide our full range of graphic and web design services.

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